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Finding The Right Home

Once we find the home you've been looking for and you are ready to purchase that NEW home, my job continues to protect you and get you the best price.

Comparative Market Analysis: I will prepare a market analysis of the neighborhood or area you are considering. This will educate you on market values and allow you to make an informed decision.

Offer Preparation: I will discuss the terms of your offer and prepare the written documents necessary. I will advise you on your initial price and terms.

Contract Presentation: I will negotiate your offer on your behalf looking out for your best interests.

Home Inspections: I will arrange for you a home inspection using the many qualified inspectors in this area. Once the inspection is complete, we will discuss its results and negotiate repairs.

Pest Inspection: I will set up your termite inspection and discuss remediation if necessary.

Estimate of Closing Costs: This is provided to you by the lender of your choice and given to you on your Good Faith Estimate. I am happy to go through the standard charges in the state of North Carolina for real estate closings.

Final Walk Through: I will walk through your new home with you and make sure all negotiated repairs are complete.

Closing the Sale: In North Carolina, real estate transactions must be closed by an attorney. I will accompany you to the closing and be sure all closing paperwork is in order.

After the Sale: I enjoy keeping up with my clients and will add you to my database so you can receive special offers from me and my Strategic Partners. I will also send items of value throughout the year that I believe you will enjoy and find useful.

Service Satisfaction: It is my goal to deliver service beyond your expectations. In return, I ask for your referrals. They are the heart of my growing business.

I invite you to ask me questions about buying a home in Oak Ridge, Summerfield, Greensboro, Jamestown and the surrounding areas. I enjoy answering them because helping people is why I love the business of real estate. There is no obligation, and I promise to respond quickly.